Some things are classic; some things are just old.

—The Rainmakers, "Shiny, Shiny"


Unfortunately, this page is "just old".  I do plan on updating this page (and the whole site) one of these days, but it may not be for a while.  Thank you for your patience.


About us

Picture of Melanie and Carey

[Picture of Owen]

Melanie Woodward (far left) is a medical claims processor at Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Carey Woodward (left) is an associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Wisconsin--Fond du Lac; there are more details about his work than you probably care to know on his professional page. We enjoy biking (especially on our tandem), and are both very active at St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral. Carey is also a runner (he ran in the 2013 Boston Marathon), a singer, a Morris dancer, and a homebrewer. Our three children have all moved out, but our dog and three cats show no sign of doing so. Owen (right) is a black lab/something-or-other cross (we're guessing collie); he's about 70 pounds and past his twelfth birthday, but occasionally still thinks he's a puppy. From left to right, our cats (lower right) are Libby, Mike, and Joon. [The fourth cat in the picture, Max, moved out with Laura.]

[Picture of Owen]

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