Some things are classic; some things are just old.

—The Rainmakers, "Shiny, Shiny"


Unfortunately, this page is "just old".  I do plan on updating it (and the whole site) one of these days, but it may not be for a while.  In the meanwhile, why not check out my LinkedIn profile?  Unlike this page, it's usually current (or just about).


Professional home page of R. Carey Woodward, Jr.

I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. I am currently an assistant professor of physics/astronomy at the University of Wisconsin--Fond du Lac. In the past, I have taught undergraduate physics, astronomy, and engineering at Concordia University, Edgewood College, Madison Area Technical College, and the Fox Valley, Madison, Marathon County, Washington County, and Waukesha County campuses of the University of Wisconsin, as well as math and computer science in K-12 summer courses (plus one adult class) at Collegiate School and the Ulysses S. Grant Foundation of Yale University. Other past teaching-related activities include tutoring of at-risk undergraduates in UW--Madison's Physics Learning Program, numerous teaching assistantships at Yale and UW--Madison, and physics and astronomy classes at Grandparent's University (a summer youth program at UW--Fox Valley).

I am also a part-time research astronomer, experienced largely in observational work--imaging and spectroscopy (long-slit and Fabry-Perot) in the near-infrared through ultraviolet--with a heavy dose of computer work. Although I have been involved with studies of comets, the geocorona, and cataclysmic variables, my main research interest is the Io Plasma Torus--a ring of ions (mostly sulfur and oxygen) surrounding the planet Jupiter near the orbit of its moon Io--and Io itself. The past few summers I have been engaged in computer-based geocoronal research with the Space Physics group at the University of Wisconsin--Madison.

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