Some things are classic; some things are just old.

—The Rainmakers, "Shiny, Shiny"


Unfortunately, this page is "just old".  I do plan on updating it (and the whole site) one of these days, but it may not be for a while.  In the meanwhile, why not check out my LinkedIn profile?  Unlike this page, it's usually current (or just about).


Carey's favorite astronomy-related sites

Mostly-for-fun sites:

> Looking for pretty pictures? (Or videos or sound clips?) There are plenty out there. Too many to list here, in fact. So check out one (or more) of these "lists of lists" of online space pictures collections. NASA maintains a list at SSDC (and other places); AstroWeb also has a good list.

> For a tour of our solar system, try The Nine Planets by Bill Arnett, or NASA's own Welcome to the Planets.

>The Cassini spacecraft has arrived at Saturn, and data on the planet, its rings, and its bizarre moons is starting to pour in.

> Missed out on Comet Hyakutake? Don't let it happen again: check JPL's Comet observation page regularly. (This site can get a bit technical.) And for eclipse news, go to Espenak's Eclipse Page.

Professional astronomy sites: